Windows, Mac and Linux in Development!

Will include game editor!

STRACO is a top down 2D twin stick shooter tower defense game (say that five times fast!) with a mission based single player campaign.

  • Pilot everything from motorcycles to hulking mechs!
  • Command your forces against the enemy horde!
  • Solo base assault missions!
  • 5 hour single player campaign spanning 3 episodes
  • 3 mini games
    • Slo-Mo-Co: Solo base assault where time is on your side
    • Tower Defense Infinite: How long can you defend your base against the infinite horde?
    • Survival: It's just you against thousands of ever stronger enemy troops!
  • Global high scores for campaign levels and mini games
  • In depth tutorials for new players
  • 4 difficulty levels where easy is truly easy and expert will kick your teeth in!

Available on Xbox 360!



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